Sovereign Church of Jesus

We are a Sovereign, laboring, independent body of men and women in Christ. We are all a part of Jesus' Church. Each man and woman claims and stands independently Sovereign before Jesus, and man.


Our Law is the Holy Bible KJV, 1611 and our flag is the Christian Flag of peace, love, mercy, and no other, our allegiance is to God, the almighty, and no other.


We are American Patriots, but we serve God first and foremost, not the nation. Things must be in proper order, and God comes first. Our families and the nation comes second.


This nation is free because of God.



We are No respecter of men.


We teach Jesus which is truth in Heaven and Earth.  John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Not set you free as is most often misquoted.


Set and Make have different meanings. Make you is absolute. Set is to allow, see the difference. One simply truth. Many more to learn. Please join us in our journey into God's infallible word. The Holy Bible KJV.


This Church is a perpetual continuation of the Office & Order of the Presiding High Priest/King after Melchizedek and  His Successor, The Sovereign Church of Jesus


"We were and we are"


We have been broadcasting through Brother Daymonds channel on youtube as a ministry helps, and as Free Press Reporting the state of affairs here and around the world.


Our news channell is called Daymond Chief Jones

we focus on accountability of our goveremnt servants and Ministry.  We do other special news topics.

if you have a story please send email to

paypal donations can be sent to

if you need a tax deductable reciept we will provide that if its for the ministry, other wise it will be seen as a donation to brother Daymond for his benifit in broadcasting, travel expenses, and the like.


God bless you all In Jesus name and under his blood.

Sovereign Church of Jesus
Worldwide Ministry
Uunted States of America


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Sovereign Church of Jesus
Worldwide Ministry
Uunted States of America